Wetterkreuz 2012


1. Mann aus Stein (10:04)
2. Auf kargen Klippen (8:20)
3. Wetterkreuz (10:48)
4. Am Abgrund (9:11)
5. Bei den Sternen (9:57)
Bonus: Thou, whose face hath felt the winter’s wind (SUN OF THE SLEEPLESS cover version) (7:11)

Read the lyrics here.

Additional information:
Our fourth album (the first one under the new band name EÏS) „Wetterkreuz“, is the first release after the radical cut of vocalist Cypher D. Rex and guitarists Hedrykk F. Gausenatt and Zyan leaving the band in November 2011. Almost the entire album has been written between December 2011 and March 2012, and has been recorded at Studio E, Mellrichstadt, with producer Markus Stock. In the studio, EÏS is from now on represented by Marlek on the drums and Alboin at guitars, bass, keyboards and vocal duties.

Since April 2012, EÏS is enforced by three new live members, being guitarists Abarus and C:R:A, plus S.atyrus S.ancti handling keyboards, samples and graphical work for the band. C:R:A and S.atyrus S.ancti have already worked with Marlek and Alboin in FUNERAL PROCESSION.

The five songs of „Wetterkreuz“ show EÏS returning to the core of their art, delivering a particularly raw, fast and stormy melodic black metal album. Being heavily influenced by the classical mid nineties melodic black metal, the album combines the compact, melancholic roughness of „Kainsmal“ with the spontaneous soundscaping of „Patina“, and also includes the epicness, atmosphere and trademark riffing known from the latest album „Galeere“.
Lyrically, „Wetterkreuz“ works with the general picture of summits, rocks and ancient wood, a karthasis for the lightless abyss of mankind and leaving the last behind. From the pounding view into the stone grey mirror of „Mann aus Stein“ until the woeful mood of „Bei den Sternen“, „Wetterkreuz“ binds the listener to this 48 minutes lasting trip through mountains, blizzards and personal beasts.

As a bonus track, EÏS have recorded a pearl of German underground black metal, SUN OF THE SLEEPLESS’ „Thou, whose face hath felt the winter’s wind“. Beyond that, the digibook’s 2CD version includes a complete bonus album named “The Quarrymen Selections“. This is something the band has already planned to do for a couple of years – having artists remixing and reworking original songs into experimental versions. Besides S.atyrus S.ancti turning „Mann aus Stein“ into an electronic, downtuned drone industrial monster and „Bei den Sternen“ into a transcendental ambient track, also renowned artists Duncan Patterson (ex-ANATHEMA, ex-ANTIMATTER, ALTERNATIVE 4), The Gentleman (A FOREST OF STARS) and EÏS live technician Kai Reidenbach (OUT OF MIND) have taken part in this project.

„Wetterkreuz“ is released in four different versions: budget version jewel case; Digibook 2CD including bonus track and bonus album (850 copies); metal case edition including Digibook, Patch and certificate (150 copies); Gatefold Vinyl including bonus track (500 copies).

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