Patina 2005


1. Snow White (2:55)
2. Wanderer bei Fels und Fjord (5:36)
3. Thanatos Phobein (7:56)
4. Winters Schwingenschlag (9:09)
5. Norn (3:56)
6. Patina (12:12)
7. Jingizu (3:56)
8. Spätsommerabende (8:17)

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Additional information:
The initial start for everything that EÏS stands for today. Something done with the utmost magical flair of a debut album recording, and forged in the shadows of a young band forming and aiming for something special. „Patina“ has been recorded in around one thousand sessions between autumn 2004 and early 2005, with drums tracked at Tidalwave Studio, Karlsruhe, and everything else done in the band’s rehearsal dungeon in four turbulent months without any knowledge, but with a lot of spirit.

„Patina“ is pretty much a 50:50 cooperation between Aínvar, the founder of EISMALSOTT, the project both GEÏST and later EÏS derive from, and Alboin. It has been forged out of material written besides working on the actual planned debut album („Skogtaken“), and originally should serve as a way to say “Fuck you!” and get out of the deal with well-known German rip-off label Black Attakk, at which the band signed for EISMALSOTT’s „Best before: spring“ EP. Originally planned to be an EISMALSOTT album, „Patina“ later became the debut of GEÏST.

The result is an album that today is considered as a classic of German underground black metal, featuring the only song that has been performed on every concert so far, „Winters Schwingenschlag“. Released on now inactive German cult label Solistitium Records (discovering a.o. ISVIND, HELHEIM, BEHEMOTH…), the original edition of 1000 jewel cases released in May 2005 quickly sold out and now is a sought-after collector’s edition. The same goes to the Gatefold-LP edition published by Lost Souls Graveyard, which holds 500 copies and is sold out as well.

This and the fact that the original „Patina“ recording has been slightly chaotic (but still atmospheric), led to the wish to rework the album. Somewhere on the hard drive of an ancient desktop PC, left for dead in a corner of the rehearsal room, Alboin stumbled over the original session tracks and carefully restored them. Adorned with re-recorded guitar tracks, the album has been mixed and mastered from the ground on at Studio E, Mellrichstadt, with Markus Stock in 2010, and re-released in a 2CD edition on Lupus Lounge.

Right after the recording of „Patina“, Aínvar and bass player Thalos left EISMALSOTT, and the remaining members – Alboin, Cypher D. Rex and Marlek – went on to found GEÏST and took the album with them.

Original cover used for the jewel case version on Solistitium Records.

Cover used for the LP version on Lost Souls Graveyard.

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