Kainsmal 2006


1. Erben aller Einsamkeit (4:30)
2. Einst war es Wein (6:51)
3. Lykoi (5:54)
4. Stille Wasser (5:19)
5. In Pans Hallen (6:53)
6. Kainsmal (7:31)

Read the lyrics here.

Additional information:
The departure of Aínvar after the recording of „Patina“ left Alboin and Cypher D. Rex on all musical duties, resulting in an extremely compact and noticeably aggressive album called „Kainsmal“. Featuring six songs (four of those written by Alboin, two by Cypher), the album has been recorded in May 2006, just one year after „Patina“. The band needed just five days to nail down the tracks, being extremely motivated to deliver a rough and pounding recording. „Kainsmal“ was released under the band’s new label Cold Dimensions and remained the only release on that label.

In 2010, Alboin decided to recapitulate the complete session: the band recorded fully new guitar tracks and went to Studio E to finish a new mix and mastering from the ground on. The reworked 2010 version sounds much rawer, dominated by guitar layers, and more in the tradition of Scandinavian black metal with a more balanced, aggressive sound fitting the original material much better than the original recording. As a bonus, EÏS included a cover recording of CARPATHIAN FOREST’s self titled track, done during the 2006 „Kainsmal“ studio sessions.

„Kainsmal“ has therefore been released in three different versions: first the original Digipak version on Cold Dimensions (limited to an uncertain amount of copies), an LP edition on Deviant Records (limited to 287 copies on black, red and transparent vinyl) and the 2010 re-release on Lupus Lounge, including both the reworked and original version.

Original cover used for the Digipak version

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