In den Werften der Galeere (EP) 2009


1. Galeere (8:24)
2. Helike (8:51)
3. Unter toten Kapitänen (14:32)

Additional information:
This Digipak EP is limited to 320 handnumbered copies and contains pre-production versions of three tracks that later appeared on “Galeere”: “Galeere”, “Helike” and “Unter toten Kapitänen”.

We recorded the tracks on ourselves to deliver the best possible result for our application to sign to Prophecy Productions/Lupus Lounge. Compared to the final “Galeere” production, the sound is a lot rougher, we have different vocal arrangements and keyboard sounds, plus some more nice details you’d have to find out for yourself.

“In den Werften der Galeere” is sold out since 2011.

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