Galeere 2009

Geist - Galeere (2010)

1. Galeere (8:30)
2. Einen Winter auf See (9:40)
3. Durch lichtlose Tiefen (8:51)
4. Helike (8:27)
5. Unter toten Kapitänen (15:44)

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Additional information:
Just as after the first album „Patina“, the band had to cope with the departure of two members after „Kainsmal“, being Padraiq on bass (and partly live vocals) and Renegade A. Rex on guitars.

„Galeere“ has been written during 2007 and 2008 and recorded in January 2009 at Studio E, Mellrichstadt, with Markus Stock. It’s the first album released on the band’s new label Lupus Lounge/Prophecy Productions.

„Galeere“ shows EÏS (or back then called GEÏST) in a much darker, more epic and atmospheric condition than on „Kainsmal“. The album features five particularly long tracks and includes new elements and influences into the band’s sound, such as ambient sounds, riffing influenced by doom and partly classical metal, and a concept clinging the five tracks together to an album – maritime atmospheres, themes dealing with the deep and rough sea, everything clad into a very personal metaphoric language. The album release has been escorted by several live appearances of the band, including new guitarists Hedrykk F. Gausenatt and Larva B. Caneer (the latter replaced by Zyan in 2010) and Faruk on keyboards (leaving the band in 2010), who also participated in the album recordings.

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